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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Team Processing

I'm just going to automatically insert "Another busy day..." at the beginning of each of my posts. Yesterday I was able to get through the US Olympic Team processing here at San Jose State University. They had advised us that we would be getting a LOT of gear, clothes, etc. They were not kidding. Oh... my... goodness....!

Grab a Home Depot shopping cart and join the fun.

Team USA article

Here is Joanna Dow checking out the t-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops, shorts......
Like every one else, Joanne and I were overwhelmed. We lost track of how many different items we were given. It's like Christmas!

And if the clothes didn't quite fit, there were professional tailors on-site to do alterations. They were especially concerned that the Polo Ralph Lauren outfits to be worn during Opening and Closing Ceremonies were fitting just right.

Four years ago, Roots was the sponsor and they gave us what looked like baggy pajamas to wear. It was embarassing. This time, we look sharp, dignified. We may be warm with our jackets and ties on, but we're gonna look good! And now when I go yachting in San Diego, I'll be dressed for it.

Me and my Olympic mannequin friends

Today, I was joined in my morning workout by Tyler and Nicolette Sorensen. They are awesome. I've been reading these great times from both of them this year and was really excited to see them walk and see what kind of potential they've got. They looked good. I was doing 2000mt repeats on a local track and they jumped in for a lap or two at a time and were cruising. In fact, I think they were going easy on me because I'm headed off to the Olympics and they didn't want to make me feel bad if they beat me. Until the last lap, when Nicolette went sprinting past me. I tell ya, kids these days don't respect their elders like they used to. :)

Tomorrow I'm off to Beijing. Time to drop off my luggage and ship some stuff home that I won't be taking with me to China. Dinner and then relax. Tomorrow is going to be another busy day. I'm going to the Olympics!

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