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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Please Don't Close the Games

Hey blogging fans!

I'm literally frantic! I'm heading to the Bird's Nest for the Closing Ceremonies in just a few minutes. I've got my swank duds on and I'm trying to figure out how to make this belt keep my baggy pants up. I'll get it, don't worry.

Here are a few interesting post-race articles and one that makes me think I should move to Washington D.C. for my bid to make the 2012 London Olympics. Sorry for the dearth of blog entries of late but I'm trying to pack in all the sight-seeing, fun and late-night stuff that I missed before the race. Please forgive me. I'll try to get some more blogs rolling off the press post-Closing Ceremonies.


Portland Tribune article

Carleton College article

D.C. tries to get into the Olympics

.... back from the Closing Ceremonies. Thank you Beijing. Off to bed. Hopefully I'll have more energy to write some in the morning (morning in Beijing). I've gotten clobbered by a head cold that snuck up on me slowly since the race so I may be sleeping in. Nearly all of my suitemates had it, too, so I shouldn't be surprised. Ciao.

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