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Friday, August 22, 2008

Among the best

I have to start by saying thank you. Thank you to all of you for sending messages of support and encouragement. Thank you for following along on this incredible journey of mine. In a way, I hope it has become your journey, too.

Thank you to my wife, Liz, without whom I could not do this whole racewalking thing. She is more patient, loving and supportive than I could ever ask her to be. Thank you.

Thank you to my family who came all the way to Beijing to stand in the blazing hot sun and cheer me on for four hours. Thank you to my son, Miles, who stayed awake for almost the entire race, saw me at one point and said, “Mama” (he calls both Liz and me ‘mama’) though he nodded off there at the end (I would have taken a nap, too, if I could have).

The race went as well as I could have hoped given the conditions and the fact that this was my third 50km of the year. I came in hoping to walk under 4:10 and I walked 4:08:32. My first 25km was 2:04:08 and the second was 2:04:24, pretty even splits on a day when lots of people struggled at the end. I finished 39th today against the best walkers in the world. I wasn’t the best, but I was among the best.

I’ll write more later, but I’m exhausted and need to meet up with the family again this evening.


Sarah said...

I just wanted to say congratulations, Philip. I've been following your blog, not to mention your career over the years and am very impressed with your dedication to your family and sport, and your down-to-earth attitude about it all. I must say, it was kind of nice to see you and Tim (Berrett) finish together! All the best for the future!

Jack and Kathy Garry said...


Congratulations on participating in and completing your 3rd Olympics 50k. There are not many who have done what you have.

We watched the race (live) via the internet (without sound) and especially enjoyed the way you waved to the crowd at the end.

Say "hello" to Liz & Miles and your folks for us.

Enjoy the rest of your stay in China.

Jack & Kathy Garry

HH said...

Yay for under 4:10!!! I hope you all (Liz & Miles & your other family too) got the rest you needed & deserved after such a hot & trying morning! We loved watching you live!!!

Liz & Annette

Runningstitch said...

Congratulations on your 3rd Olympics and finishing under you goal time! Watched you live via the internet and was cheering you on when they had you on screen, which was at least 3 times that I remember!! Have enjoyed your blog immensely. Now you can relax and enjoy being a spectator at the rest of the games. Safe travels to you and your family.

Lauri in AZ

kdwyer said...


Congratulations on a job well done!! We were all pulling for you and have loved following your 3rd Olympic experience. It has been great for the girls to see what happens when you don't give up on your dreams. Please tell Liz hello from us and give that adorable boy a kiss.

Krizta, Patrick, Áine & Saoirse

rozanne said...

Bravo! Well done, Philip!


Peter said...


Again, great job and what a wonderful experience. Your sharing of pacing, sponges, and water with whomever was with you along the way really embodied the Olympic spirit.

We hope to see you soon and all the best on your third Olympic games.

Pete, Tracy, and Jada Stolpe

Katie said...

Philip--we've never met, but you ran cross country with my husband, Mark, at Carleton. He and I watched your race last night live online and went crazy cheering for you as we watched you approach and cross the finish line! I think we might have woken the neighbors! Congratulations on a great race. Enjoy the rest of your stay in China and I hope to meet you at some point!

Katie Flaherty

worm said...

Great race, Philip, congratulations!

From Canada,
Jeremy, Laura, & Henry

Elizabeth Bayley said...

HOORAY Philip!! You are such a rock star, a phenomenal athlete and all of us over here back in the States are still cheering you on! Can you hear us? That faint "ahhhh!" sound is all of us who hold you with the upmost admiration and affection sending you our congrats.

Best, Elizabeth, John and Christopher

Uffda86 said...

You're the best. It's been a wonderful experience following your Olympic journey!

Uffda86 said...

You're the absolute best. It has been a worthwhile and remarkable experience to follow along with you at the Olympics.

Dora said...


Congratulations on an excellent race! The commentators said nice (and true) things about you on the broadcast. Hope you all have some relaxing and fun time before heading back home.


BakerBlog said...

Hi Philip,

Good job!

Bye bye,
(on behalf of Scott, Kirsten, Nicholas and herself)

carolynmcg said...

Yeah Philip!!! Congratulations on reaching your goal and thank you for sharing your experiences through this blog. It's been great of you to bring us along. Hi to Liz and Miles too. Again, WOO HOO! Good job! Rah rah!

the Walshes: Carolyn, Russell, Stephen, Sean and Scott