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Napa-Sonoma Half Marathon, July 18, 2010

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Napa, 2011 Edition, a few thoughts

Well, it looks like it's been an entire YEAR since I updated this blog. Ooops. My bad. I'm off to the Napa-Sonoma 1/2 Marathon with my Team Challenge crew again and I thought I'd record a few thoughts before heading out tomorrow morning. We have a smaller group of runners and walkers this year but they are just as dedicated and excited as last year's athletes. It took a few weeks, but the group really feels like a big family now. We're all working toward the same goals, facing many of the same challenges and supporting each other along the way. Everyone has put in the training and done the fundraising (a couple people need just a few more dollars, help 'em out!). And now it's event weekend.

The first season I coached with CCFA was Las Vegas 2009. I was new to the group and not 100% sure of my role. At the end of that season, I wasn't able to go to event weekend. I was off to a USATF Board meeting and missed the pleasure of seeing all my walkers and runners cross the finish line: their smiles, the joy and a wee bit of pain etched on their faces. So last year in Napa it was so rewarding to be there in person, sit down for a good meal the night before the race, share a few laughs, and wake up early with the walkers to see them step out past that start line and head down the road. And a few hours later, share those final few steps with them as they approached the finish line. What a thrill to be a tiny little part of someone else's dream, helping someone do something he/she thought wasn't possible just a few short months ago. I guess that's the biggest reward for a coach. Oh, and also that joy you get when someone gets hooked on running or walking and keeps coming back for more and more events. That's cool, too.

Best wishes to all those runners and walkers out there. If you're doing a race this weekend: tear it up! and have fun!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cupcakes and handstands!

I'm so proud of my Team Challenge walkers today. They all got through the longest walk yet with flying colors. We cruised through six miles in Coronado which is further than some of them have ever walked before. What a rush. Coronado is such a pretty place to walk. Our six miler started with views of the San Diego skyline and the Big Bay. After dipping under the Coronado Bridge, bright blue (Kelly's favorite color, of course... I'll get to that later), we walked alongside the swank golf course, towards the famous Hotel Del Coronado and down the Silver Strand bike path to the turn around.

Three miles out: easy. Three miles back: easy as pie... er, cupcakes, that is.

Awesome TC mentor Mindy baked up some delicious homemade cupcakes that would have looked as awesome as they tasted if not for sitting in a hot car for an hour and a half. Ooops. Next time, we'll have hot fudge or something, right? Excellent.

Today was a special day, too, because we honored Kelly, one of my most excellent walkers. Not only did she celebrate her birthday earlier in the week, she is one of this season's honorees. So, when we're out training and racing in Napa, we're doing it for you, Kelly! And since Kelly's favorite color is blue and she likes bright neon colors, some of us got all spiffed up in our brightest outfits. Kelly was so sweet to give me the prize for craziest-dressed dude today. Thank you! After walking, running and eating cupcakes, we got to show off our other skills like hula-hooping, limbo dancing, and hand-standing. Kelly went easy on me and let me win the hand-standing, which I am VERY proud of. So, thanks again Kelly, and congrats on your birthday.

This was a big week for both the runners and the walkers. We started doing a little speed play on Wednesday night and today was a long one. Next week, we'll do even more. I can't wait!