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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eating smog for breakfast

I was on the radio this morning. It's always weird to hear your own voice but especially odd when you're driving to practice and hear yourself on the radio. Friends from all over the place have called or emailed to say, "I heard you on the radio!" Cool!

When I did the interview, I spent a good 30 minutes talking to Howard Berkes and the clip they used makes me sound like some kind of tough guy. It wasn't exactly how I meant it to come out. But as my friend Patrick Stroupe heard it, "You were talking to NPR about how you eat smog for breakfast – they literally said you were having a cigarette with your pancakes to prepare for Beijing. That's why you're the US champ, always thinking ahead and preparing." Thanks, Patrick. Thanks.

Disclaimer: Smoking is bad. Second-hand smoke is bad. Breathing smog is bad. Eating it sounds really gross. Once I get to Beijing, I'll let you know what it tastes like. (Pancakes, though, are yummy.)

Interesting fact from National Geographic: 33 percent of the world's smokers are in China.


Peter said...

Pancakes are yummy. Pancakes....aaaaaauuuugggggghhhh!

P & T :>)

Anonymous said...

I think you meant cigarettes and little chocolate donuts
... right?
and btw, we were tickled to hear your voice on the way to work!