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Monday, June 9, 2008

Athletes for Peace in Darfur

Every day, I walk around in circles trying to get a little faster and stronger. I've had incredible success, but some days it feels pointless. Who cares if I get a few seconds faster? There are real problems in this world. Illiteracy. Poverty. I'm walking around in circles trying to get a little bit faster. Human rights violations. Rape. Murder. I'm walking around in circles. Genocide. War. Walking around in circles.

So when I heard about Team Darfur, I realized I had to do something more than just walk. Please help get out the word that human rights violations in Sudan and other regions of sub-Saharan Africa must stop now. Check out Team Darfur, founded by Olympic Gold Medalist Joey Cheeks to help children in the Sudanese region of Darfur who have been driven from their homes, orphaned and persecuted by the Sudanese government or their militia. Call your senator. Write a letter. Get on the phone. Blog. Whatever it takes.

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