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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Moscow, Russia

The most expensive city in the world. That's what they are telling us, and based on the prices at the Moscow airport's TGIF restaurant, I believe it. $6 for bottled water? Wow, and it's not even vodka – actually, that's probably cheaper than the water.

Late tomorrow night the US team leaves for Cheboksary on a LOC (local organizing committee) charter flight. Until then, I need to get in another short workout, relax and see what I can see of Moscow. Not much luck on the training earlier this afternoon. We're staying in the Novotel attached to the airport and all the roads are swarming with Ladas and Volkswagens. I ended up doing laps in the hotel parking lot, around the back by the service entrance and through the parking lot, again and again. The loop was probably 500 meters and had two small rises. But it was better than getting turned into borscht on the side of the road.

Now it's time to get some rest. I'm so glad I've been over here in Europe for a week already because my body finally feels adjusted to the time zone.

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