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Wednesday, September 6, 2000


Greetings from the busy athlete hospitality area here at the Brisbane Marriott. More than 30 more U.S. Olympic Track & Field athletes showed up today to pack the dining hall and fill the computer and PlayStation terminals. The ping pong table was hopping until someone got overzealous and broke all of the balls smashing them into their opponent.

Today started like most days: training training training. My teammates and I took a short taxi ride down to the river bike path and prepared for a very very long workout. 35 kilometers (nearly 22 miles) and almost 3 hours later, I was done with one of the tougher distance workouts I have done recently. It gave me a lot of confidence to get through a long workout like that in warm conditions.

A few days again, we measured out a 2 kilometer stretch of the bike. Curt brought his special measuring wheel that clicks off each meter as you roll it along the ground. It makes it very easy to measure out a nice flat, paved asphalt course that we can use. The reason we use a short course of only 2k is that we need to stay well hydrated during a long workout. Every ten minutes or so, we can pass by our coach who hands us a water bottle full of an electrolyte solution. We try to drink at least 8-12 ounces of fluid every ten minutes. Every hour or so, we also will take in a more concentrated electrolyte solution like CLIF Shot or Power Gel to boost our energy levels. When you walk a 50 kilometer race, you have to keep taking in calories in order to survive the distance.

I was very pleased with the way the 35K went, especially because I wasn't super tired when I was done. After it was over, I told myself, "I still have another 15K (9.3 miles) in my race, and I feel tired but pretty good now." We have been doing a lot of speedwork recently, repeat 5Ks and 3Ks, but for some reason I always feel more prepared after having done a good long workout like I did today.

After lunch and a short nap, the U.S. racewalk team was asked to do an interview by one of the local news stations. The reporter and camera crew came into our athlete hospitality area and interviewed each of us. When we watched the piece tonight, I was surprised that they cut everyone else but me. So I got to be on TV and talk about how we were enjoying our stay in Brisbane.It was fun.

Now I am going to bed early because I am still exhausted from this morning's walk. Back in California it is 4AM, so I'll just pretend that I am staying up late.



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